Ghost Roaster

Ghost Roaster
"No Chain, No Gain!"

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There was a time when Ghost Roaster was neither a ghost nor a roaster. Instead he was a chef living in a village high in the mountains. One day, while clipping wool from a sheep to use in a recipe, he accidentally fell into the Valley of the Undead and transformed into a ghost eating ghoul! After eating an entire spectral village, its Ethereal Ruler chained Ghost Roaster to a spiked ball as punishment -- its rattle heard as he wanders the night, warning nearby spirits. When Master Eon eventually heard of his predicament, he figured even a ghost eater could be useful. So he made Ghost Roaster a Skylander... after he promised to eat only evil ghosts.

Ghost Roaster is an Undead Skylander debuting in Spyro's Adventure. He came as part of the Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack. He has never had another variant made.

Ghost Roaster was release in Wave 1 of Spyro's Adventure characters.

Meet Ghost Roaster


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 60  Max Health280
Defense:85  Speed43
Speed: 40  Armor24
Luck:40  Critical Hit20
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Chain WhipPress Attack 1 to swing Ghost Roaster's whip tail at enemies.Free
Skull ChargePress Attack 2 to transform into a ghostly skull that barrels through enemies.Free
Pain ChainChain Whip attacks do increased damage.500 Gold
MetalheadThe Skull Charge attack lasts longer700 Gold
Ectoplasm ModePress Attack 3 to enter Ectoplasm Mode. This makes Ghost Roaster immune to all attacks, but he looses health over time.900 Gold
HauntDefeating an enemy with the Chain Whip turns them into a ghost that attacks other enemies.1200 Gold
Fear Eater Path
Phase Shift BurstAll nearby enemies take damage when Ghost Roaster enters Ectoplasm Mode.1700 Gold
Ecto-FriendlyWhile in Ectoplasm Mode, Ghost Roaster moves faster and looses less health over time.2200 Gold
Nightmare TouchTouching a ghost while in Ectoplasm Mode creates a powerful explosion.3000 Gold
Skull Master Path
Fright BiteSkull Charge does increased damage.1700 Gold
Unfinished BusinessDefeating an enemy with Skull Charge creates a ghost.2200 Gold
Life TransferDevouring a ghost while doing a Skull Charge heals you.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Lingering CurseGhosts have a bigger attack range and knock enemies away.4000 Gold

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