Elite Eruptor

Elite Eruptor Case
"Born to Burn!"

Eruptor is a force of nature, hailing from a species that lived deep in the underground of a floating volcanic island until a massive eruption launched their entire civilization to the surface. He's a complete hot head -- steaming, fuming, and quite literally erupting over almost anything. To help control his temper, he likes to relax in lava pools, particularly because there are no crowds.

Elite Eruptor was released with the first year of Eon's Elite characters which came out with the Trap Team game.  He is exclusive to GameStop.

Eon's Elite characters sit on a gold base with a clear uncolored bottom as they do not belong to any one game. In the Trap Team game and each game after Trap Team, the Eon's Elite characters will be three times stronger than the original character. In older games they will still work but they will act just like the original character did.

Elite Eruptor has Six other variants of Eruptor: Eruptor (Spyro's Adventure), Eruptor Series 2 (Giants), Lightcore Eruptor (Giants), Lava Barf Eruptor (Swap Force), Volcanic Lava Barf Eruptor (Swap Force), and Lava Lance Eruptor (SuperChargers). There is even a mini version called Weeruptor which debuted with Trap Team.

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