Camo – Red

Camo - Red
"Fruit Punch!"

This plant-dragon hybrid was born by the roots of the Tree of Life, and so possesses the amazing ability to speedily cultivate fruit and vegetables that explode when they are ripe (creating both an everyday eating hazard and a hilarious dinner-party prank). Master Eon found himself at the butt end of this juicy-fruit joke when he visited Camo's idyllic island. While out for a stroll, Eon spotted a perfect melon waiting to be picked. But as he bent over the scrumptious specimen, it exploded, splattering the Portal Master's robe and alarmed old face. As he wiped away the sticky seeds, Eon noticed a pair of prying eyes nearby, clearly enjoying the scene. Eventually, Camo stepped forward and introduced himself. Eon soon invited him to be a Skylander - and, on his days off, the Portal Master's personal gardener.

Camo - Red may be the rarest of all Skylander variants. He is a Series 1 Camo that recently began to appear in Europe. It turns out that he is an ultra rare Skylander that is randomly appearing in Germany and the UK when customers buy an LG Smart TV. Apparently they have made a special edition of Skylanders Battlegrounds for these LG TVs and they come with a free Skylanders Starter pack containing three random single characters. You can check out the promotion here: Sometimes these characters contain the Camo - Red or the equally hard to find Whirlwind - Crystal Clear.

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