"Fruit Punch!"

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This plant-dragon hybrid was born by the roots of the Tree of Life, and so possesses the amazing ability to speedily cultivate fruit and vegetables that explode when they are ripe (creating both an everyday eating hazard and a hilarious dinner-party prank). Master Eon found himself at the butt end of this juicy-fruit joke when he visited Camo's idyllic island. While out for a stroll, Eon spotted a perfect melon waiting to be picked. But as he bent over the scrumptious specimen, it exploded, splattering the Portal Master's robe and alarmed old face. As he wiped away the sticky seeds, Eon noticed a pair of prying eyes nearby, clearly enjoying the scene. Eventually, Camo stepped forward and introduced himself. Eon soon invited him to be a Skylander - and, on his days off, the Portal Master's personal gardener.

Camo is a Life element Skylander debuting in Spyro's Adventure. He has received his first and only other variant in Swap Force with Thorn Horn Camo.

Camo was released with the final wave (Wave 5) of characters for Spyro's Adventure. He was released as an individual pack and as part of a triple pack with Ignitor and Warnado.

Meet Camo


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 70  Max Health300
Defense:70  Speed50
Speed: 45  Armor34
Luck:70  Critical Hit30
  Elemental Power39


All Attacks
Sun BlastPress Attack 1 to blast enemies with concentrated life energy.Free
Firecracker VinesPress Attack 2 to conjure up a fast-growing vine of explosive melons.Free
Searing Sun BlastSun Blast does increased damage.500 Gold
Melon FountainPress Attack 3 to send melons flying everywhere.700 Gold
Firecracker FoodFirecracker Vines do increased damage.900 Gold
Vigorous VinesFirecracker Vines move quicker and farther.1200 Gold
Vine Virtuoso Path
Martial BountyFirecracker Vines create more explosive melons.1700 Gold
Peppers of PotencyFirecracker Vines do even MORE increased damage.2200 Gold
ProliferationCreate two Firecracker Vines at once.3000 Gold
Melon Master Path
Ring of MightThe Melon Fountain blasts out more melons.1700 Gold
Melon GMOThe Melon Fountain does increased damage.2200 Gold
Melon FortressHold Attack 3 to hide in the Melon Fountain and release the button to send the melons flying.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Orbiting Sun ShieldHold Attack 1 to create a Sun Blast Shield. Create three shields to gain a healing effect.4000 Gold

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