Brawl & Chain – Villain

Brawl & Chain
"No chains, no pain!"

Another angry walrus pirate, this time with chains for arms and sharp hooks for hands. This is probably why he doesn't get a lot of hugs.

Brawl & Chain is a new Water trappable villain character for Skylanders Trap Team. Brawl & Chain can be trapped in a Water Crystal Trap and then be used as part of your Skylanders team. Brawl & Chain is not a purchasable figure.

Brawl & Chain Video Review

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All Attacks
Attack 1Press Attack 1 for a spin attack with both hook hands.
Attack 2Press Attack 2 to fire a hook hand. Smaller enemies are pulled closer when hit.
Evolved Upgrades
Attack 1Spin lasts longer and hits harder.
Attack 2Attack does more damage.




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