Birthday Bash Big Bubble Pop Fizz

Birthday Bash Big Bubble Pop Fizz
"The Motion of the Potion!"

Nobody is quite sure who Pop Fizz was before he became an alchemist, least of all Pop Fizz himself. After many years of experimenting with magical potions, his appearance has changed quite significantly. In fact, no one even knows his original color. But it’s widely known that he is a little crazy, his experiments are reckless, and the accidents they cause are too numerous to measure. Understandably, he has had a difficult time finding lab partners, or anyone that even wants to be near him. In hopes of making himself more appealing to others, he attempted to create the most effective charm potion ever – but that just turned him into a big, wild, berserker. Or maybe that’s just how he saw the potion working in the first place...

Birthday Bash Big Bubble Pop Fizz is a soon to be released special variant of Big Bubble Pop Fizz for Skylanders SuperChargers. His signature vehicle is the Soda Skimmer.

He has has seven other variants: Big Bubble Pop Fizz (SuperChargers), Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz (Trap Team), Love Potion Pop Fizz (Trap Team), Pop Fizz (Giants), Lightcore Pop Fizz (Giants), Punch Pop Fizz (Giants), and Super Gulp Pop Fizz (Swap Force).

Big Bubble Pop Fizz and Soda Skimmer (Video)


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:210  Max Health325
Defense: 145  Speed43
Speed:165  Armor24
Luck:280  Critical Hit6
  Elemental Power25

All Attacks
Bubble BlastPress Attack 1 to blow bubbles that bounce on their way to enemies.Free
Bubbling Beast FormPress Attack 2 to transform into a beast. Press attack 1 to attack nearby enemies with claws.Free
Mixture ModifierPress Attack 3 to cause a chemical reaction and transform the color and effects of liquid attacks.500 Gold
Know Your BasesAll base liquid attacks do more damage.700 Gold
Genetic EngineeringPress Attack 3 while in Beast Mode to perform new attacks depending n the current liquid color.
Prerequisite: Mixture Modifier
900 Gold
Side EffectsAfter reverting to normal Pop Fizz mode, gain a temporary defense boost.1200 Gold
Alchemic Maestro Path
Larger LungsHold Attack 1 to perform improved liquid attacks depending on the current color.1700 Gold
For Science!Hold Attack 3 while in normal form to constantly spew liquids that damage enemies in the nearby area.2200 Gold
Follow the FormulaMixture Modifier gains additional effects depending upon the liquid color.3000 Gold
Brass of the Beast Path
Better BeastHold Attack 3 to perform enhanced and longer versions of unique beast attacks. 1700 Gold
Juiced Up!Melee attacks in Beast Form do more damage.2200 Gold
Feed The BeastIn Beast Mode, hold Attack 3 to perform Better Beast attacks. Press Attack 1 after using a Better Beast attack to do more damage with your claws.
Prerequisite: Better Beast
3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Spiked PunchWhile in Beast Mode, hold and release Attack 1 to pound the ground and knock all enemies in the area up!4000 Gold

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