SkylanderNutts Presents Fuser

SkylanderNutts Presents FuserIn the past Conner and Lias have shown their love for pop and dance music. Whether it comes from Tik Tok videos or Fortnite memes, they have a good knowledge base for some of the more recent hits. Well, I wanted to know if they would have as much fun playing a music mash up game as I do. So today I introduced them to Fuser. It is Harmonix’s latest music game where you get to mix over 100 different songs to create your own masterpieces.

Today I show them a little bit of the campaign and how it teaches you new concepts of what you can do with the music. Then we play a little of the Free Style mode where I let the boys take control. It didn’t take them long before they wanted to control the music themselves. There is also a coop multiplayer mode and an online battle mode but for today we just take a look at the single player gameplay. Check it out!

Fuser is developed by Harmonix and is published by Harmonix and NCSOFT. The game is out now on Windows, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch with a retail price of $59.99. We purchased the game ourselves on the Xbox One and play it on the Xbox Series X.

SkylanderNutts Presents Fuser

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