Quotes From The Skylands – Spyros Adventure – Diggs

Quotes From The Skylands - Spyros Adventure - DiggsWelcome, Skylander fans to something new. Youtuber Skymax666 wanted to see video compilations of the supporting characters. I thought that was a good idea, but I wanted to add a little twist to it. So here is a compilation of quotes from Diggs from Skylanders Spyros Adventure.

This is not supposed to be ALL of his quotes, just ones I ran across while playing the game. But here’s the catch. These quotes have been randomized. They are not in order. Can you put them in order? Or at least identify which chapter of the game they are from or between?

Diggs, surprisingly, has a lot to say. Most characters say a lot less, so other videos may be shorter. A couple of our favorites though might be longer. So I thought Diggs might be a good starting point. And you may be surprised, even mixed up, his quotes sort of make sense together. Check it out!

Quotes From The Skylands – Spyros Adventure – Diggs

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