Skylanders Ring of Heroes Global Release Date

Skylanders Ring of Heroes Global Release DateWe’ve been waiting for months now in the US for any information regarding the Skylanders Ring of Heroes global release date. Well, it’s finally here! On the official Skylanders Ring of Heroes Facebook page, they have announced that the global release date will be Wednesday, February 27th! They also talk about the additions that have been made since the beta came out in June of 2018. First, they have increased the number of Skylanders from 65 to 84. This has also allowed them to provide more elemental variety. And for those of you who have been wanting “new original” Skylander characters, they say they are working on some for a future update. It appears that they have maybe made the game slightly easier? They don’t go into a lot of details but say that fans were a bit discouraged and frustrated with the original battle system. I don’t really remember thinking it was too hard, but let’s hope the changes prove to be worthwhile. They also announced that they have added more cutscenes and story to the game, with more story to come after the game’s launch. Other improvements include a new gold farming dungeon where you can get more gold to level up characters, as well as new portal master customizations. They end their update by answering some of the communities most asked questions. It all sounds good and we can’t wait to see what the game has to offer when it gets released on the 27th! If you  would like to read more about the updates to the game, visit their facebook page here:

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