Skylanders Academy Season 2 Starts October 6th

Skylanders Academy Season 2I know many of you have been waiting for Season 2 of Skylanders Academy. Well the wait is almost over. Starting on October 6th you’ll be able to stream all of the new episodes for season 2. This year the story will focus more on the maturing of Spyro as a leader and why he has a special relationship with Master Eon. We are also promised to see some new characters introduced into the series. Some we know about, while others will be left a mystery. Felicia Day from “The Guild” fame as well as one of the founders of Geek and Sundry will be the voice of Cynder and should play a major role in Spyro’s story line. We also know that Sprocket and Ninjini will make appearances and will both be voiced by Grey Griffin. Until today we didn’t know who the new evil villain would be. But thanks to the new Season 2 trailer, we now know that it will be the Dragon King himself: Malefor. Of course, maybe it’s someone else who just uses Malefor but based on the trailer we know that Malefor will definitely make an appearance.  If you want to read more about the production of Skylanders Academy, then check out this interview with one of the shows creators Eric Rogers as he talks about the series and what to expect in season 2 on Also, check out the trailer below which was just released today by the official Skylanders YouTube channel.

Skylanders Academy Season 2 Official Trailer

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