Wave 4 Skylanders Now Available at Toys R Us

Wave 4 Skylanders Now Available at Toys R Us Those looking for the new Wave 4 Single Sensei Packs for Skylanders Imaginators may want to check your local Toys R US. Grave Clobber, Hard Boiled Flare Wolf, Egg Bomber Air Strike and Pain-Yatta are now available. To see if they are in stock at your local Toys  R Us, check the links on our Character Pages. Like with every wave, the new characters start to show up at Toys R Us weeks before they hit other retailers. So if you would rather pick them up from somewhere cheaper like Amazon or Best Buy, then keep checking those Character Pages, as I will activate links to other retailers as soon as I find out that they are available. If you find them online elsewhere and I don’t have a link up yet, then add a comment so I will know to get those added. Some of you may have previously bought Pain-Yatta with the Magic Creation Crystal, however if you were holding out for ONLY the character he is now available. We are waiting on one more character to come out in Wave 4 and that is Wild Storm which comes with the Cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack. He has a release date of March 12th. Once we get him we will do our Wave 4 Unboxing video.

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