Soon You Can Have Your Own 3D Printed Skylander Imaginator

3D Printed Skylander Imaginator ExampleIf you’ve been following Skylander Imaginators, then you already know that the game will present you with near limitless possibilities for you to create your own Skylander Imaginator. You store your new Imaginators in “Creation Crystals”. This allows you to play with your creation in the game and to take it to your friends house.  But what if you could actually have your created Skylander made into a figure? Soon that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do.

Coming on launch day will be the Skylanders Creator app for your Android or Apple device. The app will transfer your character data through sound waves from your console to the app. That’s right I said sound waves. You could even share your design with your friends by making an audio recording of your character’s special transfer sound. But that’s not really the cool part. The app allows you to order your very own 3D printed Skylander Imaginator for $49.99. The figure is a sandstone printed figure and will actually work when you put it on the portal. The figure comes in a protective dome for protection. Still, it’s a working Skylander figure of YOUR creation that will come to life when placed on the portal.

3D Printed Skylander Imaginator Card ExampleWhile $49.99 seems reasonable to have your very own custom Skylander figure, it might not be in everyone’s budget. A cheaper option is to make a Skylander Card instead. This colored trading card cost only $14.99 and will actually work on the portal to pull your character into the game. If you have a lot of characters you love, this may be the better option. Finally if you really want to show off your creation, you can have it put on a t-shirt for just $24.99. Unfortunately, the t-shirt will not transfer your character into the game via the portal. If you want all three options, then it will cost your $90.

We think it’s really cool that Toys For Bob and Activision are giving us this option. It’s definitely something that we will probably try here at SkylanderNutts for our favorite characters that we create. I guess that puts more pressure on us to create a really cool character that we want to show off.

Look for the Skylanders Creator app on your favorite mobile device on October 16th.



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