Skylanders Academy Starts Tomorrow!

Skylanders Academy Starts TomorrowAre you ready to watch a brand new cartoon? Skylanders Academy debuts tomorrow (10/28/2016) on Netflix. The new cartoon is a Netflix original and is scheduled to have 13 episodes in season 1. Then in 2017 there will be 13 more. Hopefully, if it finds itself an audience we will be talking about more seasons of Skylanders Academy coming to Netflix after that. I know the boys and I are ready to spend our Friday night with some Pizza and a mini Skylanders Academy marathon. I’m sure we’ll finish the series by the end of the weekend. There will be a mixture of familiar voices and new voices as the cast of the show is not all the same as the cast of the game. The most notable and controversial change is that of Glumshanks. Fans have grown to love the likeable green sidekick of Kaos, but unfortunately for fans he will be voiced by well known comedian Norm McDonald. Now I happen to like Norm McDonald and he “might” be an OK Glumshanks but he can be a vary polarizing actor. (You either hate him or love him). I’m a little worried that he’s going to change the Glumshanks character too much.

Skylanders Academy Starts Tomorrow!Norm McDonald isn’t the only well known actor in the cast. Comedian Harland Williams (another love him or hate him guy) will voice Hugo, while the Academy Award winning actress Susan Sarandon will voice the Golden Queen. The Golden Queen is another well liked and voiced game character, so it will be interesting to see what an Academy Award winner can bring to the voice. Other changes, though much smaller, include Justin Long as the voice of Spyro. Justin Long was in Dodgeball, but many will probably recognize him from the Apple commercials where he played the “Mac” opposite of John Hodgeman who played “I’m a PC”.  Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody will play Stealth Elf, and Johnathan Banks from Breaking Bad will play Eruptor.

Skylanders Academy Starts Tomorrow 2Some of the actors from the game are returning for the show including maybe the most important voice of all, Kaos played by Richard Horvitz. The distinctive and familiar voice of Ellis Greg will also return as the voice of Jet-Vac. Finally, even though he doesn’t have many lines in the game, the long time comedian and voice actor of Pop Fizz, Bobcat Goldthwait, will return and voice Pop Fizz in the TV Show. That’s another huge positive as far as I’m concerned.

So there you have it. If you didn’t know about Skylanders Academy before now you do. Most likely by the time you read this the show will already be available on Netflix. Check out the trailer below and then watch the show and let us know what you think!

Skylanders Academy Trailer


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