Legendary Creation Crystals at Toys R Us

Legendary Creation Crystals (Magic) at Toys R Us

When Are Legendary Creation Crystals Available?

Starting today you can get the Legendary Magic Creation Crystal with Mirror, Mirror comic at Toys R Us. Over the next two weeks, you’ll be able to pick up two new Legendary Creation Crystals with comics. Next week on 11/6 the Legendary Light Creation Crystal will be available with the Arbor Day Comic. Then on 11/13 you can pick up the Legendary Life Creation Crystal with the Tri and Tri Again comic. 

The Legendary Creation Crystal Design

Each Legendary creation crystal is an all gold version of an existing crystal design. I find it a little strange that there is no use of the new red coloring that is found on the new Legendary Sensei figures. These Legendary Creation Crystals are exclusive to Toys R Us and are for use in your Skylanders Imaginators game.

What are the SkylanderNutts Doing?

I picked up our Legendary Magic Crystal today. Judging by the inventory at my store, I don’t think there will be a shortage of these crystals anytime soon. Once all three are out we’ll have a Legendary Creation Crystal Unboxing, so stay tuned!


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