All Hats of Skylanders SuperChargers

All Hats of Skylanders SuperChargersDo you like hats? Do you like Trigger Happy? Well here is Trigger Happy modeling all 266 hat of Skylanders SuperChargers complete with the hat’s stats. These are the hats found in the Xbox One version of the game in case there are some unique hats in other versions.

My personal favorite hat is probably the Shark Hat. It’s huge and ready to eat it’s wearer! Watch the video and let us know what your favorite hat is and why! Enjoy!

All Hats of Skylanders SuperChargers

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4 thoughts on “All Hats of Skylanders SuperChargers”

  1. Hello there we just got around to finishing Super Chargers LOL I know a little late .
    The only hat that we are missing is Gold Top Hat 265 – 266 also missing 4 Sky Stone cards 84-88 and Legendary Treasuers 52 – 60 . We have the Gold Top Hat on other Skylanders but it will not port over to S/C the Prima S/C Guide is for the most part worthless .

    • I don’t think you can give AI hats? At least I don’t remember them getting the hats. They might wear some as part of the story.

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