Battlecast Update Adds New Cards and Gameplay Fixes

Battlecast LogoIf you are an avid Battlecast player you may have already noticed, but a new update is available for the game on your Android and IOS devices. This Battlecast 1.4.3600 update includes six new cards which some fans have already found in specially marked cereal boxes from General Mills. These six cards are part of a special promotion with General Mills cereals and should be showing up on store shelves soon. There are two brand new Skylander cards in Sonic Boom and Prism Break, and there are two alternate Skylander cards in High Noon Trigger Happy, and Obsidian Hot Head. There are also a couple of new spell cards, one for each of the new Skylanders. Besides the new cards the update introduces new voice work by Buzz who will explain a little more of the basics of the game when you enter a screen for the first time. This might be helpful for new players, but if you’ve already played the game, then he really doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know. The update also includes various bug fixes and gameplay improvements. I for one can verify that Moneybone’s Vampire Relic is no longer broken and properly disappears when destroyed. For more on the new cards that were added, check out the images of the cards (uncollected) from the game below.

Battlecast 25 Sonic BoomBattlecast 26 Prism BreakBattlecast 27 Obsidian Hot Head Battlecast 28 High Noon Trigger Happy







Battlecast Air 29 Egg Toss Battlecast Earth 29 Imprism

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