Skylanders Academy Coming To Netflix

Skylanders Academy coming to NetflixWe knew that a Skylanders TV show has been in the works since the creation of Activision Blizzard Studios last year. But until now we didn’t know where or when it would be released. But we do now! Skylanders Academy will be a Netflix Original series coming out this fall. Not only that, but Netflix has a two year deal for Skylanders Academy, meaning that we’ll at least see two seasons of it. Since it’s on Netflix, that means that the first season will be released all at once and the boys and I will probably have a 12 hour marathon. There is no word yet on how many episodes the season will have. Still, the boys and I couldn’t be more excited! The animated cartoons and promotional spots that have been shot in the past for Skylanders were always pretty entertaining and really showed that a full blown TV show could be a really cool thing if done right. We’ll have to wait until fall to see if it was “done right” but they are starting off on the right foot. Some of the game’s notable voice actors are returning for the cartoon. Bobcat Goldthwait will continue to be Pop Fizz, Johnny Rees will continue to be Jet-Vac, and luckily Richard Horvitz will continue his roll as Kaos. I can’t imagine anyone else playing Kaos. Skylanders Academy SchoolThere will also be some new voice actors joining the group. Norm MacDonald will voice Glumshanks, Johnathan Banks will be Eruptor, and Ashley Tisdale will play Stealth Elf. The cartoon is being produced by the co-presidents of Activision Blizzard Studios: Stacey Sher and Nick van Dyk. Activision Blizzard Studios was created last year to create movies and television based on the publisher’s large collection of IPs and Skylanders Academy is their first project that will be released.




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    • Flynn is played by Patrick Warburton who is also known for playing The Tick, Joe from the Family Guy Puddy from Seinfeld, and many other games and cartoons. His omission from the press releases and media would lead me to believe that maybe Flynn isn’t in the cartoon or at least the first season. You’re right, I will not be happy if Flynn is voiced by someone else. I also hope that Master Eon is played by the same actor. He is voiced by Daniel Hagen, and I have not seen his name listed either. Maybe they weren’t listed because they have very small roles during the season and aren’t really considered part of the main cast?

  1. I also want to say me and my son love skylanders as much as I and the boys and building are collection everyday

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