Battlecast Basics

Battlecast BasicsThe boys and I have been playing Skylanders Battlecast for a few weeks now, and we’ve gotten a lot of questions about the game. So I thought I’d make a video explaining how the game works. This is Battlecast Basics. I explain how the game works, how to get cards, how to get tickets, what is important about the cards, what the levels mean and more. It’s everything we’ve learned in the last couple weeks and everything you should know if you haven’t yet tried the game, or haven’t been playing for long.

I’m sure there are a few things maybe I didn’t cover very much, or maybe some hidden concepts I haven’t noticed yet, so feel free to let me know what I missed in the comments below.

Be sure to watch as the boys and I play through the game in our Let’s Play Battlecast series. I’m sure we’ll make more discoveries as we get deeper into the game.

Battlecast Basics

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