Skylanders Battlecast Releases Tuesday May 24th

Battlecast Ultimate Starter PackWell it has been rumored for a while but indeed it looks like Skylanders Battlecast will be released on Tuesday May 24th. This comes from which now has a pre-order up for the Skylanders Battlecast Ultimate Starter Pack. If you are interested you can pre-order it here. The Ultimate Starter Pack comes with 2 battlepacks, 9 booster packs and a carrying case. The price is $59.99 but if you are a prime member you’ll save 20% and pay only $47.99.

If you haven’t heard of Battlecast it is the new collectible card game / augmented reality game for your mobile device. Physical cards are scanned into your mobile device where you’ll be able to battle with or against your friends, online or in the same room. Cards will actually come to live in augmented reality with the use of your mobile device’s camera. It sounds like it might be pretty cool, but if you are looking for a more traditional “Pokemon” or “Magic” type physical card game, you may be disappointed as it seems like the mobile devices might be required. Check out the trailer below if you haven’t seen it before.

Skylanders Battlecast Trailer

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