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Buy One Skylander Get Two Free at ToysRUs.comWell, it looks like is having a one day memorial day cyber sale on Skylanders. According to their website, if you buy any Skylander at a price you can get two more Skylanders of that price free. This means if you buy an $8.99 Skylander you can get two free one’s but they must both be $8.99 as well. This can make ordering old Skylanders a little tricky since many of them are on sale and are at different prices. But if you can find three that you want at the same price then you should only have to pay for one of them. Pay attention to your cart if you try to take advantage of this deal. In the past from toysRUs I have had to place multiple orders to get a deal like this multiple times. Also, since this is a cyber sale, this means that it is only valid online, so don’t expect to find this deal in the store. It’s still a great deal though if you do need to catch up on your Skylander collecting!

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