Kaos – Villain Review

Kaos - Villain ReviewKaos – Villain Review

Kaos is a Dark Portal Master who is the ultimate evil in all of Skylands! At least he claims he is. Ever since he was an infant, he has demonstrated to have an insatiable hunger for absolute power. As an infant he had once seized control of his nursery with his “Evil Baby Army of Evil Drool”! The uprising was eventually crushed at nap-time. Kaos went to one of the best evil schools for magical villainy. This is where he met Glumshanks. He persuaded Glumshanks to be his evil servant with the promise of career growth. However, they were both expelled when Kaos appeared as a giant floating head at a school assembly and ate the gymnasium. Today, the unpromoted and under appreciated Glumshanks remains at Kaos’s side as he continues to come up with plan after plan to take over Skylands and become the “Ultimate Evil Overlord”! Some think he’s just trying to impress his immensely powerful and overbearing mother who is also a Dark Portal Master. Either way, most agree that Kaos should never be underestimated.

As the ultimate evil of Skylands, Kaos continues to come up short in his quest for world domination. The Skylanders continue to stop plan after plan of his. Even the Doom Raider’s failed at keeping Kaos out of their way. As an evil villain, Kaos’s power can’t quite exceed those of the Skylanders. However, once trapped, the Skylanders can harness the power of Kaos for good. The question is: Is it worth it? Can Kaos be effectively used to fight evil? The answer is a resounding YES! Kaos’s power as a trapped villain is unmatched. His first attack is the most powerful attack in the game. By pressing Attack 1, Kaos places a Random Element Icon on the ground.  Each of the eight possible icons produce a different attack. Some are more powerful and useful than others, but the attack can be quickly re-fired. The magic element is the key to his power. It doesn’t attack at all but instead, it resets Kaos’s active timer. It’s equivalent to completely refilling his health bar. This is incredibly useful as it means that Kaos can stay active almost indefinitely. His second attack is also pretty cool. The Attack 2 button will summon Doom Sharks! These sharks are a great ranged attack and they can fill almost then entire screen as they work their way across. They are also very quick to re-fire, so turning and shooting more sharks at a different angle, further helps send damage in all directions. These are not as powerful as the element icons, but they do have a much longer range. His third ability is not an attack. By pressing Attack 3, you can transform Kaos into Giant Head Form. While in this mode he can shoot Laser Beams from his eyes with the Attack 1 button or send out a Sonic Attack with the Attack 2 button. These attacks do good damage, but being in Giant Head Form means that there is no easy way to get active time back. Eventually you will need to transform back, so that you can use more Random Element Icons in hopes of getting a Magic Icon to replenish his time. This makes it better to just stay in Kaos form and stay close to being able to use Random Element Icons.

Of course to capture a power this great, you will have to do two things. First, you’ll have to beat the game. Kaos - Villain Review SSSecond, you’ll have to find a Kaos trap in the store which for a long time was not an easy thing to do. However, it is probably the most worthwhile trap to have. Once you trap Kaos at the end of level 18 – The Ultimate Weapon, you’ll need to take him to the kitchen in the Skylander Academy to get him evolved. There is no challenge involved with his quest so getting the extra power out of him is not a problem. Once Kaos is evolved, all of the attacks will do more damage, and more Doom Sharks will be summoned. Not only that, but there is a significant increase in his active time which gives you more time before having to find the random “Magic” Icon. Even his evil robes will become MORE evil by getting some silver accents. Once he is evolved he is clearly the most powerful villain you can use in the game. He could even be stronger than any Skylander, since he basically has the ability to continually regenerate his health. In fact I bet you could even beat the entire game with Kaos on the Insane Difficulty setting.

Overall Kaos delivers exactly what you would hope. He is all-powerful, interesting, and even somewhat unpredictable. As a playable villain, who is also the last boss of the game, he is as strong as you would expect. In fact he makes a better good guy than a bad guy. There is even a lot of humor in his dialogue while in a trap. But lets not get carried away. I don’t want to see him stop being the main villain anytime soon. The ability to play as him was fun once, but I don’t want to see that duplicated too often. He is still the Ultimate Evil in all of Skylands that we all love to battle. But for now, do yourself a favor and try him out. If you ever had any problems with getting through a level in Trap Team, or just simply don’t have a lot of Skylanders, then Kaos will make your journey easier…if you can trap him!

SkylanderNutts gives Kaos an undeniable…

10 out of 10

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