Pain-Yatta – Villain Review

Pain-Yatta – Villain Review

Pain-Yatta - Villain ReviewPain-Yatta is a Magic element villain that is hanging around Level 8 – Telescope Towers. You will find that Pain-Yatta is filled with candy, and evil. I’m not sure who’s idea it was to turn a pinata into a minion of evil, but I think it was a pretty genius idea. Pain-Yatta uses the sweet candy he has been filled with for years, to exact revenge on all those who ever raised a stick at him and everyone else in Skylands. He can either barf candy at his enemies or to smack them with his giant lollipop. Either way his foes are in for a sweet surprise. And did you know that he also had an ear for music? Well, not really, but he does make a nice bodyguard and is the favorite escort of the Gecko Chorus. You’ll find that out, when you take on his quest in Level 10 – The Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink.

I don’t know if it’s because Pain-Yatta is big and colorful, or if it’s just because I like the concept of a candy spewing pinata, but I always thought that he should have been a Doom Raider. Alas, he is not, and therefore only has two attacks. His first attack, is the Lollipop Smack. Pressing Attack 1 will swing his giant swirly lolli, and smack the ground with it. Anyone hit by the lollipop or is near where it hits the ground will suffer some significant damage. This does about half of the damage of the Chompy Mage’s similar attack, however, Pain-Yatta’s attack has more splash damage, and I think he can reload it quicker for another hit. His second attack is probably more cool than useful. Pain-Yatta can barf candy at his enemies. It works sort of like a flamethrower. He just opens his mouth and sprays in any direction he is facing. It’s not continous though it does last a while. It also does ok damage, but there are other Skylanders that have a similar style attack that are more powerful. Still, if your Skylander needs a rest, Pain-Yatta can fill the time nicely.

Pain-Yatta’s quest can be found in Level 10 – The Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink. Pain-Yatta Review SSThat’s not the first place you would think a candy filled pinata should be. However, the Gecko Chorus is looking for an escort to get through a tough part of Skylands, and Pain-Yatta is up for the job. Once you defend off the would be attackers of the Gecko Chorus, Pain-Yatta will evolve and get a hat. The evolved Pain-Yatta is an orange and red color which isn’t quite as good looking as the multi-color normal version. The attacks also get improved as the Lollipop Smack will get more pop, and more candy is supposed to come out of the barf attack. Besides the typical increase in damage, it was hard to notice any other effect of the attacks. Pain-Yatta’s active time also gets increased after evolving. It was already pretty long, so you should have enough time to do what you need when you tag in Pain-Yatta.

Overall, Pain-Yatta is a pretty cool villain. If you don’t like candy barfing pinatas then you may not find him as appealing. He’s not a super powerful villain, but the power he does have, gets the job done better than most. His Lollipop Smack is enough to smash most small and medium foes who come near him. Spraying candy at enemies, works ok, and is just fun to watch. Since his active timer lasts a while, this should allow Pain-Yatta to tag in and get out of a tough situation. Even if he takes a few hits, his timer should be able to absorb the damage. You also can’t look past Pain-Yatta’s humor. While some characters get boring and repetitive pretty quickly, I was always interested to see what he would come up with next. He’s one of the few characters I leave in the portal just to here what he says. The only disappointment I have with Pain-Yatta, is that he wasn’t made a Doom Raider. I would have liked to have seen more of his involvement with the story and the cutscenes of the main adventure. Here’s hoping that he makes a comeback or cameo in future games.

SkylanderNutts gives Pain-Yatta…

8.5 out of 10

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