Shrednaught – Villain Review

Shrednaught – Villain Review

Shrednaught - Villain Review Shrednaught is a Tech element villain that you will find shredding up the Pheonix Psanctuary. Shrednaught is not your average villain, it’s actually 2 Trolls, 1 giant chainsaw, and unlimited possibilities. It’s hard to tell if the trolls are brothers, friends, or just two villains forced to work together. They refer to each other as Troll 1 and Troll 2 so they don’t seem to have any interest in names. They do work well enough together to control the biggest chainsaw mech ever built (by trolls that is). The blade of the chainsaw even spins around making it a fearsome device to all who lay eyes on it (again mostly just trolls). Shreadnaught is a loyal villain to Kaos. Luckily for the Skylanders though, Shrednaught is easily persuaded. After a slight beating and some time in a Tech trap, the trolls will be ready to switch their allegiance to the Skylanders.

So what can Shrednaught do for you once captured? Well, not a whole lot really. He is certainly not a bad villain to use, but you would think that two trolls controlling a giant chainsaw might be able to dish a little bit more damage. Shrednaught is not a Doom Raider, so he only has two different attacks. The first is a giant chainsaw. The chainsaw will deal some minor damage when it just happens to run into an enemy while Shrednaught is moving. However, when you press Attack 1, the chainsaw will spin once around Shrednaught doing some medium damage to all enemies in the blade’s range. After a couple of seconds of rest it can be rotated again when you hit the button again. The second attack is the Backseat Driver Blast. The troll in the high position will jump up and essentially throw explosives at the enemies. You have a better ability to aim this attack and it has a bit more range over the chainsaw. It’s also slightly faster to reload and throw multiple explosives. It does slightly more damage than the chainsaw, but it’s also more focused to one small area instead of everything in a 360 degree circle around Shrednaught.

Shrednaught Gameplay SSShrednaught’s quest is another quest without a challenge. The quest is located in a shack as soon as you get off the boat at the beginning of Level 9 – Mystic Mill. It’s easy to miss the shack when you first get off the boat and start on the level. It’s at the top of the screen and the purple arrow pointing to the door is partially hidden behind some barrels. You might be too anxious to start the level and totally miss it. Once you complete the quest, Shrednaught will change from a rusty looking mech to a tricked out mech with chrome piping and a scary looking bear-like paint scheme. In the evolved form the chainsaw attack will gain the ability to be charged up. The charge takes a few seconds but then the chainsaw blade will perform two quick rotations which hopefully hit all of the enemies around it twice. The second attack, the Backseat Driver Blast will also be improved to do more damage. But there is another reason to evolve Shrednaught beyond just making his attacks stronger. An evolved Shrednaught will be able to cut through the special metal gates that are scattered throughout the level. These gates look just like the gate that Shrednaught destroys for his quest. You’ll need to get through these gates to reach all of the areas and to get all of the treasure on the level. Once evolved, Shrednaught’s active time also gets longer. Unfortunately it’s not very long to begin with, and it doesn’t improve much, so you still won’t be able to use him very long.

Overall, Shrednaught is just another middle of the road villain. His attack power is decent, but his attacks are fairly slow to execute. Cutting through a bunch of enemies with a chainsaw though is pretty satisfying. His active time though, goes by very quickly. This pretty much kills any desire to use the villain often. You will have to use an evolved Shrednaught though, if you want to fully explore the Mystic Mill. His evolved power will cut through some gates that are blocking parts of the level. Unfortunately you’ll probably only ever use him on the Mystic Mill level, because by that time, you should have a number of better villains to use.

SkylanderNutts gives Shrednaught…

6.5 out of 10

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