Chef Pepper Jack – Villain Review

Chef Pepper Jack – Villain Review

Chef Pepper Jack - Villain ReviewChef Pepper Jack is a Doom Raider villain that can be captured on the fifth level – Chef Zeppelin of Skylanders Trap Team. Chef Pepper Jack was once one of the most famous celebrity chefs in all of Skylands. One day he discovered some ancient recipes for evil delicacies. That’s when he turned his thriving restaurant into a formidable criminal empire. He would fly his zeppelin fortress over a village and demand they surrender all of their money. If they refused, he would drop his spicy pepper bombs that would blow up everything. The Golden Queen valued this explosive approach and recruited him to be a Doom Raider. He was perfect for those who like their bad guys extra spicy.

Chef Pepper Jack is the king Fire element villain. He is a Doom Raider, which means he has three different attacks. His main attack is his Explosive Peppers. Pressing Attack 1 will throw several peppers into the air that will explode all around Pepper Jack damaging many nearby enemies. He can throw these relatively fast so they can cause quite a bit of explosive havoc. His second attack is a dash attack with giant egg beaters. Pepper Jack is fairly slow when he’s walking around, so you can use this dash attack to both quickly move across the screen, and at the same time damage anyone who gets in his way. His dash will last as long as you hold the Attack 2 button so you can do quite a bit of damage grinding up enemies in his path. His last attack is his fiery breath attack. It’s very similar to the egg beater attack but without the dash. This means you can stand still while trying to burn your enemies in front of you. The attack is slightly more powerful than the egg beater attack and it will also last as long as you hold down the Attack 3 button. None of the attacks do a lot of damage at once, but both the fiery breath and the egg beater attack do rapid damage which can add up very fast.

Chef Pepper Jack SSYou will find Chef Pepper Jack’s quest near the end of level 6 – Rainfish Riviera so you may want to keep him in the trap after you capture him at the end of level 5. His quest involves an actual challenge where you will have to find pieces of cheese scattered through a level. You must bring those pieces of cheese back to the beginning of the level. The catch is that a giant Tiki Head will start to chase you once you get a piece of cheese. He will steal your time if he touches you. It’s not very hard but you might get the impression that you are loosing every time you get a time penalty. Once completed, Chef Pepper Jack will evolve and his white apron will turn to dark grey, giving him an Iron Chef look. Once evolved he will throw more peppers for his main attack, he’ll dash faster with more damaging egg beaters, and his fiery breath will deal more damage. He also lasts a fairly long time before he needs replaced which makes using him on the level very worth wile. He’s worth evolving and is one of the coolest villains to use despite his propensity for being hot and spicy!

Overall, Chef Pepper Jack is a fun villain to use. None of his attacks deliver knockout blows, but his peppers can cause a lot of widespread damage while he uses one of his other attacks to quickly grind away his enemies. The ability to continuously use the fire breath or egg beaters attack means that you can rack up damage very quickly. Chef Pepper Jack can definitely bring the heat. His personality and southern charm also make him a character that everyone should try. As long as you don’t need a quick one hit knock out, he can be very effective and fun to use against groups of enemies.

SkylanderNutts gives Chef Pepper Jack…

9.0 out of 10

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