Chill Bill – Villain Review

Chill Bill – Villain Review

Chill Bill - Villain ReviewChill Bill is a Water trappable villain that you will be able to capture in the fourth level – Phoenix Psanctuary. Chill Bill is a radio DJ by day, and a crazy Troll who freezes people with is ice gun, well… all of the time. He’s got one of the best channels on the radios found throughout the game, and we think his theme music is very catchy. Don’t forget, Chill Bill was evil before it was cool.

Chill Bill is not a Doom Raider, so he only has two basic attacks. His main attack is his freeze beam which can freeze some enemies in place. The beam reaches across most of the screen. I don’t know if it’s because Chill Bill is small, but at times the beam gets stuck hitting the ground and doesn’t make it to it’s intended target. Unfortunately this attack is very weak and it can only hit one enemy at a time. It also won’t damage an already frozen enemy, so the only real benefit to using him is the possible feezing of an enemy for a few seconds. This should give you enough time to switch to the stronger Skylander for the kill. Chill Bill’s second attack is his jetpack, and it is just as weak as the freeze beam. When Chill Bill uses the jetpack, he will fly in the air for only a few seconds. During this time, any enemy that is very close by and is caught in the spray coming out of the jetpack will take slight damage and will be slowed down. Even after Chill Bill is evolved this attack doesn’t do much damage, and enemies don’t stay slow for very long.Chill Bill

You’ll find Chill Bill’s quest in the third level – Chompy Mountain. Since you don’t catch Chill Bill until the fourth level – Pheonix Psanctuary, this means that you will have to specifically load him in a trap and go back and replay the third level just to evolve him. Since he is so weak even after being evolved and because his quest is just a simple “show up and get evovled” quest, there really isn’t much reason to go through the trouble. He does turn a strange white color with orange accents, instead of being light blue with white accents. But even his new look is not worth the upgrade.

Overall, Chill Bill is a very disappointing villain to use. Because both of his attacks are so weak, the only real advantage Chill Bill has is the freezing of an enemy. This means that he is probably better suited for co-op play if you want to bother using him at all. By the time you capture Chill Bill, you will already have stronger villains to use. The coolest thing about Chill Bill is his personality and DJ abilities. That said, he’s best left on the radio, and let the real villains and Skylanders tackle the bad guys.

SkylanderNutts gives Chill Bill…

3.0 out of 10

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