Bruiser Cruiser – Villain Review

Bruiser Cruiser - Villain ReviewBruiser Cruiser – Villain Review

Bruiser Cruiser is a Tech trappable villain that you will be able to capture in level 3 – Chompy Mountain. His quest is in the same level, so if you backtrack just a bit after you capture him, you’ll be able to evolve him right away. Bruiser Cruiser is a former troll boxing champion with a wicked one-two punch and a very large mech suit that mimics his every move.

Bruiser Cruiser is a normal villain character so he only has two attacks. He is a decently powerful melee fighter where his punches are thrown in rapid succession. If enemies start to surround him, he can use his second attack where his mech will self destruct and spew fireballs all around him damaging anyone nearby. Curiously, fireballs only spew if enemies are nearby otherwise he just self destructs. Anytime he self destructs, it will prevent him from moving for a few seconds, so even though he is damaging nearby enemies with fireballs, enemies can still get their hits in on Bruiser Cruiser. Despite this, both attacks are useful when used at the right time and it makes Bruiser Cruiser a villain worth trying.

You’ll find Bruiser Cruiser’s quest just a little bit before you end up capturing him on level 3 – Chompy Mountain. It is possible to just go back and evolve him immediately after capture. Unfortunately his quest is not a challenge that you get to play and will basically evolve Bruiser Cruiser just for showing up. Once evolved, he will look pretty cool with bright red fists and flame painted shoulder protection. In addition to his new look, he’ll also deal out more damage and his self destruct mode will last longer.

Overall, Bruiser Cruiser is a decent villain to use. He doesn’t have outstanding power, but both of his attacks are deal damage quickly which can add up to some serious damage. He’s not very fast and his self destruct attack will leave him momentarily vulnerable, so he may take some damage. His active time is also not very long. Even in an evolved state, it seems to go by fast. He is still pretty fun to use, and can be useful during the early levels. We recommend you give Bruiser Cruiser a try. He may not be your favorite villain to go to, but he can always be useful in a pinch. He can get the job done when your Skylander needs a break.

SkylanderNutts gives Bruiser Cruiser…

7.0 out of 10

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