Trap Team – The Ultimate Weapon (Chapter 18)

Trap Team - The Ultimate Weapon (Chapter 18)Here it is! The last chapter of Skylanders Trap Team – The Ultimate Weapon. We reached our goal of finishing the campaign by Christmas. We’re about to take a little break for the holidays, but we’ll be back soon with a Mega Epic Wave 3 Unboxing, more Arena Battles, Kaos Doom Challenges and a look at each of the four expansion levels, the Mirror of Mystery, Nightmare Express, Midnight Museum and Sunscraper Spire. We’ll also have our Trap Team Cutscene Theater video, some character reviews, and maybe a couple other fun videos I’m thinking about doing. But for now, watch as Conner and I use our army of Skylanders to battle Smoke Scream and finally Kaos! I hope the boys don’t have any nightmares about Kaos coming through the TV or portal. 🙂 Enjoy watching The Ultimate Weapon and Happy Holidays!


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