Mirror of Mystery Available at Best Buy

Best Buy Mirror of MysteryI was browsing the Best Buy website, trying to figure out when they were going to actually have Wave 2 Skylanders in stock, when I was surprised to see the Mirror of Mystery Adventure Pack listed. It turns out that it and a lot of the other Wave 2 characters are actually now in stock now at Best Buy. They are not available for shipping but they are available for in store pick up (at least at the stores around me). So I was able to pick up quite a bit this evening. I placed my order through the website for in-store pickup. I would highly suggest this method myself. And don’t forget, you can support this site buy ordering your Skylanders through our links like that. But there are other reasons to order for in-store pick up. First, if the store is closed, you guarantee that they won’t sell out in the morning if you can’t get to the store right away. I did this on launch day and got some triple trap packs that seemed to sell out very fast. But tonight as I went into the store to pick up my latest order, I thought I’d check their shelves. Not one Wave 2 Skylander or Trap was on the shelf. Yet when I picked up my order they had everything waiting for me behind the counter. I believe they just got the stock in, but have yet to place it on the shelves. Had I just ran into my local store, I may have been sad to see nothing seemingly in stock. And then I would have had to ask someone to check the back, wait for people to figure out what they were doing or where the stuff was and in general it would have been a pain in to but to get what I wanted that way. So if you check the Best Buy website and find that your local store has the Mirror of Mystery in stock. Do yourself a favor, and just order it for in-store pickup. Wait an hour (usually not even that long), and go pick it up. It could not have been easier for me tonight. That said, look for our second Mega Epic unboxing of Wave 2 characters coming very soon.

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