Meet the Trap Team Skylanders: Minis

Skylanders TrapTeam LogoIt’s almost time. We are less than a month away from the new Skylanders Trap Team game. That means the information on all of the new characters is ready to flow. Here are the official trailers for all 16 of the Skylander Minis which are playable in Trap Team. Be sure to check all of the Skylander pages for all videos, unboxings, and retail information as we get it. Now, it’s time to meet the Trap Team Skylanders: Minis.

Meet All 16 Minis (or select individual minis below)

Meet Whisper Elf w/ Chill Bill

Meet Barkley w/ Brawl and Chain

Meet Thumpling w/ Brawl and Chain

Meet Eye Small w/ Chill Bill

Meet Hijinx w/ Chill Bill

Meet Small Fry w/ Chill Bill

Meet Bop w/ Chill Bill

Meet Spry w/ Chill Bill

Meet Terrabite w/Chill Bill

Meet Breeze w/Chill Bill

Meet Trigger Snappy w/Chill Bill

Meet Weeruptor w/Chill Bill

Meet Pet-Vac w/Chill Bill

Meet DroBit w/Chill Bill

Meet Gill Runt w/Chill Bill

Meet Mini-Jini w/Chill Bill

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