Skylander Deals for 8/17/2014

Skylander deals for 8/17/2014Here are the Skylander Deals for 8/17/2014. Amazon still as the Swap Force Starter packs for $29.99, while those same packs are back up to $59.99 at Best Buy. Target has a buy 2 get one free on Swap Force figures (no mention on what type of figures). That’s equivalent of 3 for $20 if you are buying the core characters. Target is also selling the starter packs on sale for $29.99. Toys R Us is offering almost the same deal with a 3 for $25 on just the core Swap Force figures.  However, their starter packs are on sale for $59.99. And at Gamestop, they have the starter packs for $39.99. Something to consider if you have a lot of built up credit.

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