Name The Next Skylander Frito-Lay Promotion

Name the Next Skylander 2014Frito-Lay and Skylanders are teaming up once again. This time its not about getting a special character for your collection. Now they are going to let the winner “Name the Next Skylander.” The contest starts 2/24/14 and they have a countdown timer on their website here. It looks like once again contest entries will come in specially marked bags of snack packs. Both the Classic Mix and Flavor Mix. It also looks like each bag will come with a $5 coupon towards a Starter Pack. Not as good as the previous $10 off coupons. Personally, I’m a little disappointed.  I rather like knowing that I should get a character when I buy the bags and send in a coupon vs just entering a contest that I am most likely not going to win. I would also bet that they are not going to let you name the character whatever you want. They probably have a list of three to five names already possible for the Skylander and they will probably just let the winner make the final decision. If that is the case, there could conceivably be multiple winners. No chance of me naming a character “” or “Marcus Pheonix” (Although..should there be another fire breathing bird….)

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