Zoo Lou

Zoo Lou
"Nature Calls!"

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Descended from a long line of shamans, Zoo Lou traveled far and wide to the Seven Strange Strongholds – ancient, mysterious sites of great wonder in Skylands – where he studied the wisdom and fighting styles of the Seven Strange Mages. After many years of traveling and studying, Zoo Lou returned to find an army of trolls had invaded his sacred homeland to mine its natural magic resources. Zoo Lou’s warrior heart burned with fury. And having now mastered the enchanted art of communicating with nature and summoning animals, he unleashed his great mojo – attacking the trolls and single handedly freeing his lands once again. It was this heroic feat that caught the eye of Double Trouble, who then brought Zoo Lou to Master Eon and the Skylanders.

Zoo Lou is a new Life Skylander debuting in Swap Force. He is a Wave 1 release Skylander and has one other variant in Swap Force: Legendary Zoo Lou.

Zoo Lou can be purchased individually or as part of a triple pack with Mega Ram Spyro and Blizzard Chill.

Zou Lou's Unboxing Video:


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 65  Max Health290
Defense:95  Speed43
Speed: 30  Armor18
Luck:120  Critical Hit6
  Elemental Power25


Body Attacks
Sword SlashPress Attack 1 to swing a bubbly cutlass at nearby enemies.Free
Bubble BlasterPress Attack 3 to shoot a bubble that will trap an enemy for a short time.300 Gold
BladesailSword attacks do increased damage. Hold Attack 1 to charge the sword, release to perform a dash attack.800 Gold
Dangerous WatersPress Attack 3 to shoot a piranha filled bubble at an enemy. Prerequisite: Bubble Blaster1000 Gold
Cutlass Captain Path
Parley PooperPopping bubbles with sword attacks will create a bubble shield that reduces damage and explodes when attacked.1500 Gold
First Mate CutlassSword attacks do even more damage.2000 Gold
Bubble Buccaneer Path
MaroonedBubble attacks do increased damage. Hold Attack 3 to charge the Bubble Blaster, release to shoot two mega bubbles that can trap many enemies.1500 Gold
Captain of Piranha BayPiranhas do increased damage. Prerequisite: Dangerous Waters2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
On Stormy SeasHold Attack 1 to charge Bladesail even further, release to summon a watery pirate ship that rams into enemies.3500 Gold
Leg Attacks
SomersaultyPress Attack 2 to dash forward and roll over enemies with powerful tentacles.Free
OctolashHold Attack 2 to slap enemies with two tentacles.300 Gold
Deep SkinHealth is increased.800 Gold
Ink JetOctolash now shoots ink that damages and temporarily causes enemies to have difficulties seeing. Prerequisite: Octolash1000 Gold
Tentacoolest Path
TentacleaverHold Attack 2 to slap enemies repeatedly.1500 Gold
Sea LegsTentacles do increased damage.2000 Gold
Ink Artist Path
Ink TrailPress Attack 2 to leave behind a cloud of ink.1500 Gold
This will Never Come Out!Ink attacks do increased damage.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Tentacle CarouselPress Attack 2 rapidly to perform a spin attack that damages all nearby enemies.3500 Gold

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