Wild Storm

Wild Storm
"The Roar of Thunder!"

By the time he was 10 years old, Wild Storm had already mastered the Air Blade. With no family of his own, he spent much of his youth traveling throughout SkyLands, offering his combat services to the highest bidder as a soldier of fortune. On one such occasion, he was hired by Kaos to break into a pirate outpost in Skyhighlands to steal their legendary gold detector. But little did Wild Storm know, he was only being used by Kaos to scout their defenses – and he was captured by the pirates! While imprisoned in the highest tower, the powerful winds blew through his cell, fueling his anger. But Wild Storm would not be contained! Harnessing the storm’s energy, he grew 3 times his size and exploded out of his prison – vowing to put a stop to Kaos once and for all. Soon after, he met Master Eon, who agreed to help him, provided Wild Storm would share his skills in swordsmanship with other Skylanders, as a Sensei of the Knight Class!

Wild Storm is a new Air elemental Sensei Skylander for Skylanders Imaginators. He is a master of the Knight Battle Class.


    Card StatsMax of 350
In Game Starting Stats
Attack:230  Attack:16
Defense: 300  Defense:14
Speed:320  Speed:35
Luck:100  Luck:8

All Attacks
Storm StrikePressing Attack 1 continuously will trigger a four combo attack ending with a smashing headbutt.Free
Lightning BoltPress Attack 2 to create a lightning bolt from your sword.Free
Use Your Head!Headbutt attacks now do more damage. 500 Gold
UproarHold Attack 3 to push enemies away with a windy cloudy roar.700 Gold
ThunderstormsAfter roaring, shoot your Lightning Bolt attack into any remaining clouds to create a destructive thunderstorm.900 Gold
Uproar GaloreYour Uproar attack now covers a larger area. Enemies caught in the wind or clouds will be slowed down.1200 Gold
Feral Beast Path
Brute EdgeThis new sword specializes and increases damage to any sword strike attacks.1700 Gold
Untamed AirUsing the Storm Strike attack in mid-air now causes bursts of air to knock enemies back.2200 Gold
Running WildHold Attack 1 during your headbutt attack to dash further. You can steer your headbutt around to go after certain enemies.3000 Gold
Wild Weather Path
Cut LooseThis new sword specializes and increases damage to any Lightning Bolt attacks.1700 Gold
Chain LightningPressing Attack 2 will now split your Lightning Bolt attack into three bolts.2200 Gold
Electrical StormHold Attack 2 to charge your Lightning Bolt attack. Release to fire a giant electrical storm.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Release the BeastJump and press Attack 3 to transform into a wild beast. Press Attack 1 and Attack 2 to attack or Attack 3 to transform back to normal.4000 Gold
Sky-Chi Ability
Unchained LightningHold Special Attack to generate a destructive lightning storm with your sword! Run around to move the storm anywhere you wander.N/A








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