Terrafin Series 2

Terrafin Series 2
"It's Feeding Time!"

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Terrafin hails from The Dirt Seas, where it was common to swim, bathe, and even snorkel beneath the ground. But a powerful explosion in the sky created a blast wave that turned the ocean of sand into a vast sheet of glass, putting an end to Terrafin’s duty as the local lifeguard. Not one to stay idle, the brawny dirt shark found himself training in the art of boxing, and not long after he was local champ. Fighters came from all around to challenge him, but it was a chance meeting with a great Portal Master that led him to give up his title for a greater purpose.

Terrafin Series 2 is an Earth Skylander appearing in Giants. He has four other variants which appear in many of the other Skylanders games: Terrafin (Spyro's Adventure), Knockout Terrafin (Swap Force), Elite Terrafin (Eon's Elite), and Shark Shooter Terrafin (SuperChargers).

Terrafin Series 2 was released as part of Wave 1 as an individual character, and then again in Wave 3 as part of a triple pack with Eruptor Series 2 and Stealth Elf Series 2. Terrafin is no longer in stores so your best bet is to find him used or from a reseller.

Meet Terrafin Series 2


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:80  Max Health310
Defense: 100  Speed35
Speed:30  Armor18
Luck:60  Critical Hit30
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
PunchPress Attack 1 to punch the enemy. Press Attack 1, Attack 1, Hold Attack 1 to perform a comboFree
Earth SwimPress Attack 2 to burrow and while underground, press Attack 1 to perform a Belly Flop.Free
Brass KnucklesPunch attacks do more damage.500 Gold
Mega Belly FlopBelly Flop does increased damage and affects a larger area.700 Gold
Feeding FrenzyPress Attack 3 to spawn mini-sharks that burrow and latch onto enemies.900 Gold
Multi Target PunchesPunch attack hits multiple enemies.1200 Gold
Sandhog Path
Master Earth SwimmerIncreased speed while burrowing.1700 Gold
Homing FrenzyMini-sharks home in on enemies and do extra damage.2200 Gold
RazorfinWhile burrowed, your dorsal fin does damage to enemies.3000 Gold
Brawler Path
PugilistPress Attack 1, Attack 1, Hold Attack 2 for Body Slam. Press Attack 1, Attack 1, Hold Attack 3 for Uppercut.1700 Gold
Spiked KnucklesAll punch attacks do even more damage.2200 Gold
Frenzy ShieldYou launch mini-sharks at enemies who damage you.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Surface FeederCollect power-ups while burrowed.4000 Gold
Wow Pow!
Dive BurrowWhile in the air for a bellyflop, press Attack 2 to immediately dive back underground.5000 Gold

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