Stump Smash Series 2 – White Flocked

Stump Smash Series 2 - White Flocked
"Drop the Hammer!"

Stump Smash was once a magical tree that spent most of his time sleeping peacefully in the forests of Skylands. Then one day he awoke to discover his entire forest had been chopped down and logged by trolls– himself included. His long branches were gone, leaving him with only powerful mallets for hands, which he used to smash the troll tree-cutting machines. Although still grumpy about what happened to him, Stump Smash has vowed to protect Skylands against those who would do it harm… especially trolls.

Stump Smash Series 2 - White Flocked is a special felt covered Stump Smash Series 2 for Skylanders Giants. This is another randomly found retail variant of a Giants character. He was one of three White Flocked Skylanders released for Giants. The other two are: Lightcore Prism Break - White Flocked and Eruptor Series 2 - White Flocked. No one knows how many were released but they are fairly expensive in the second hand markets making them pretty rare.

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