"A Shot in the Dark!"

No one knows where Starcast came from, including Starcast himself! He was first seen falling out of the sky and landing directly on top of Master Eon, after he had made a wish for a Ninja Master to train the new generation of Skylanders. While it appeared that Eon’s wish had come true, it was later revealed that Pop Fizz had simultaneously made a wish to get out of anger management lessons with the old Portal Master. Therefore, it was impossible to determine if Starcast was the result of one wish or the other. But after a brief martial arts display, it was clear to all that the mysterious Starcast was a very skilled ninja warrior. And seeing as how Master Eon had to walk around in crutches for the next few weeks, it was also clear that anger management class would have to be postponed – so it was a win-win!

Starcast is a new Dark elemental Sensei Skylander trained as a Ninja for Skylanders Imaginators.


    Card StatsMax of 350
In Game Starting Stats
Attack:300  Attack:6
Defense: 120  Defense:6
Speed:280  Speed:15
Luck:150  Luck:8

All Attacks
Interdimensional ShurikensPress Attack 1 to throw shurikens from the dark dimension. On impact, shurikens cause a rift that may shift enemies around.Free
Megastar SurferPress Attack 2 to summon a giant rideable Megastar.Free
Shadow Form DecoyPress Attack 3 to summon a decoy from the darkness. Enemies will ignore Starcast when the decoy is sctive.500 Gold
Extra Dimensional ShurikensKeep tapping Attack 1 to finish the combo with two larger and more powerful shurikens.700 Gold
Dense Dimensional ShurikenPress Attack 1 while surfing the Megastar to throw a huge extra heavy exploding Shuriken.900 Gold
Get Over Here!Press Attack 3 and the Shadow Form Decoy will summon a vortex, which brings nearby enemies closer before he attacks.1200 Gold
Megastart Me Up Path
Star StompWhile surfing the Megastar, press Attack 3 to do a shockwave inducing stomp attack.1700 Gold
Star LeapPress the Jump button to leap off the Megastar, which stays there a while and damages enemies.2200 Gold
Star ShardsInterdimensional Shurikens now shatter into many smaller but deadly pieces when they hit the Megastar.3000 Gold
Enhance the Decoy Path
Star of the ShowShadow Form Decoy shoots SIX homing projectiles.1700 Gold
Dark N' PowerfulShadow Form Decoy now does even more damage!2200 Gold
Sharp and to the PointHoming projectiles now pierce enemies. Also, Starcast has a greater critical hit chance when Shadow Form Decoy is active.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Flying StarcerPress Attack 2 while riding the Megastar to morph it into a flying saucer! Then press Attack 1 to unleash dark torpedo cannon goodness.4000 Gold
Sky-Chi Ability
A Real Kick in the ShurikensHold Special Attack to perform your Sky-Chi Power and send a barrage of shurikens hurtling towards the enemy.N/A




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