Rattle Shake

Rattle Shake
"Go Ahead - Snake my Day!'

Rattle Shake Retailers

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Some say Rattle Shake was the best tracker in the Cloudbreak Islands. Others say he could strike the center of a gold coin at a thousand paces. But the legend of Rattle Shake was immortalized when he found himself trapped by the Black Hat Gang, the infamous group of cowboys who literally were large cows… and evil ones at that. They threatened to plunder the local village unless Rattle Shake led them inside the magical volcano Mt. Cloudbreak, where they hoped to discover enchanted treasure. Badly outnumbered, the ever calm Rattle Shake magically summoned every snake in the area and overtook the notorious bovines in an epic fight. The tale of his heroism was heard by Master Eon, who then recruited him to the Skylanders.

Rattle Shake is a new Swap Force swappable Undead Skylander with the Bounce movement ability. He has one other variant Quickdraw Rattle Shake.

He can be purchased separately, but he is also included in the 3DS Starter Pack of Swap Force. He is also include in a Target exclusive two pack with Nitro Magna Charge.

He is a Swap Force Wave 1 released Skylander.

Swap Force 3DS Unboxing

(Featuring Rattle Shake):


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 85  Max Health280
Defense:100  Speed43
Speed: 145  Armor12
Luck:130  Critical Hit8
  Elemental Power25


Body Attacks
Snake's VenomPress Attack 1 to shoot snake venom at nearby enemies.Free
Deputy SnakePress Attack 3 to throw down a snake ally that will attack and slow nearby enemies.300 Gold
Fistful of SnakesAll venom projectiles do increased damage.800 Gold
Spring Loaded SnakeHold Attack 1 to charge a Snake Shot, release to shoot a snake that bounces between enemies and collects items along the way.1000 Gold
Deputy's Duty Path
Nasty SssurpriseDeputy Snake causes an acid explosion that damages enemies where it lands.1500 Gold
Armed To the FangsNasty Sssurprise radius and Deputy Snake damage are increased. Prerequisite: Nasty Sssurprise2000 Gold
Coiled Ammunition Path
Snake BiteSpring Loaded Snake poisons the first enemy it hits, dealing damage over time.1500 Gold
This BitesEnemies poisoned by Spring Loaded Snake take more damage from Snake's Venom.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Raise The SnakesGet a new skin which increases Critical Hit and absorbs damage. Absorbing damage causes the skin to shed then grow back after a short time.3500 Gold
Leg Attacks
Tail SweepPress Attack 2 to sweep at nearby enemies with a quick tail strike.Free
Bounce The BonesPress Attack 2 to shoot one bouncing bone projectile.300 Gold
On BrandHold Jump to jump and smash down into the ground, damaging and knocking enemies away.800 Gold
SsstampedePress Attack 2 to shoot three large bone projectiles at once.1000 Gold
Bone Herder Path
Goliath Bone SnakeHold Attack 2 to charge Ssstampede, release to summon a giant bone snake from the ground.1500 Gold
Dances With SnakesHold Attack 2 while moving to charge Goliath Bone Snake, release to summon many bone snakes.2000 Gold
Grave Springer Path
Spurred SpringHold Attack 2 to charge Ssstampede, release to spring forward, damaging all enemies in the way.1500 Gold
Graveyard SmashSpurred Spring causes tombstones to appear and damage enemies in a large area when landing.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
The Snake-Skinned KidGet a new skin which increases speed and absorbs damage. Absorbing damage causes the skin to shed then grow back after a short time.3500 Gold

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