Rage Mage – Villain

Rage Mage
"He's all the rage!"

The Rage Mage summons a magical ball. Big deal, right? Well this magical ball makes your Skylanders faster and stronger than ever.

Rage Mage is a new Magic trappable villain character for Skylanders Trap Team. Rage Mage can be trapped in a Magic Crystal Trap and then be used as part of your Skylanders team. Rage Mage is not a purchasable figure.


All Attacks
Attack 1Press Attack 1 to swing a staff, with a small forward movement.
Attack 2Press Attack 2 to create an orb. Skylanders who pick up the orb enjoy a temporary boost to speed and damage.
Evolved Upgrades
Attack 1Staff has greater range and does more damage.
Attack 2Effects of Orb last longer and are more powerful.

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