Power Blue Gold Rusher

Power Blue Gold Rusher


Power Blue Gold Rusher is the signature vehicle for Double Dare Trigger Happy and Power Blue Trigger Happy for Skylanders SuperChargers.

The Power Blue Gold Rusher is a special edition the Gold Rusher for Skylanders SuperChargers. The "Power Blue" coloring is special and represents the charity Autism Speaks. The Power Blue Gold Rusher will be an in-game named variant which means the "Power Blue" coloring will show up in the game.  There is also a special Power Blue Trigger Happy to go with the Power Blue Gold Rusher.


Gold Rusher Stats, Attacks and Mods
StatsWeapon and Shield Upgrade Costs
Gold Rusher StatsSlot 1800 Gold
Slot 2900 Gold
Slot 31000 Gold
Slot 41100 Gold
Slot 51200 Gold
Currency CannonPress Attack 1 to rapidly destroy your enemies with sweet, sweet gold!
Triggered Happy MinesTap Attack 3 to drop Triggered Happy Mines.
Performance ModsSpecialty Mods
Pop & Sparkers+450 Armor,
-10 Acceleration
Cogwheel Trike-150 Armor,
+5 Top Speed,
+5 Acceleration,
+5 Handling
Canyon Jump Boosts+10 Top Speed,
-10 Handling
Gearwork Kit+450 Armor,
-10 Handling
Show Sparklers+20 Handling,
-10 Weight
Coin Cycle+5 Top Speed,
+10 Acceleration,
-10 Weight
Tail Pipe Flares-150 Armor,
+5 Top Speed,
+5 Acceleration,
+5 Handling
Short Fuse Quads-10 Top Speed,
+20 Handling
Horn Options
Clink ClankersGilded GizmoWidget WhirHonkamajig

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