Night Shift

Night Shift
"Roll with the Punches!"

Night Shift Retailers

From high up in the gloomy Batcrypt Mountains, Night Shift was a full-fledged baron and heir to a great fortune. But one day, he decided to leave it all behind to pursue his dream as a prizefighter. It wasn’t long before Night Shift became the undefeated phantom-weight champion of Skylands, famous for his massive uppercut and for having once bitten an opponent in the ring. Unfortunately, a rule change made teleportation illegal and Night Shift was forced to give up his belt, officially ending his career as a boxer. Crestfallen over being disqualified from a sport he loved so dearly, his spirits picked up when he was sought out by Master Eon, who told him that his skill as a fighter could be put to great use as a member of the Skylanders.

Night Shift is a new swappable Undead Skylander in Swap Force with the Teleport movement skill. He is a Wave 2 release Skylander and has one other variant: Legendary Night Shift.


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 180  Max Health200
Defense:100  Speed35
Speed: 145  Armor4
Luck:45  Critical Hit8
  Elemental Power25


Body Attacks
One-Two PunchPress Attack 1 to punch nearby enemies with enormous boxing gloves.Free
Vampire's BitePress Attack 3 to bite enemies and regain some health.300 Gold
Sting Like a BatPunching does increased damage. 800 Gold
Don't Move, Just Stick!Hold Attack 1 to charge a punch, release to deal a massive uppercut to enemies.1000 Gold
Proper Vampire Path
Infectious SmileVampire's Bite deals damage over time to their targets.1500 Gold
Healthy AppetiteVampire's Bite deals more damage with extra healing.2000 Gold
Champion Fighter Path
Prize FighterHold Attack 1 to charge a punch, release to do an uppercut that causes enemies that are hit to take damage and drop money.1500 Gold
Pay DayPrize Fighter gives more money. Prerequisite: Prize Fighter2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
GentlemanlyAll attacks do increased damage at full health. 3500 Gold
Leg Attacks
Ethereal ShiftPress Attack 2 to turn into mist and teleport a short distance forward.Free
Float Like a VampirePress Attack 2 to teleport and shoot out a projectile that damages nearby enemies.300 Gold
Foggy MovementSpeed is increased.800 Gold
A Batty CoachA bat ally prevents being defeated one time.1000 Gold
Warping Vortex Path
Vortex of DoomPress Attack 2 to teleport and create a large vortex that pull in enemies.1500 Gold
Close to DoomVortex of Doom now deals damage to enemies. Prerequisite: Vortex of Doom2000 Gold
Underbat Path
Round 2A Batty Coach now gives a health boost when returning from defeat.1500 Gold
Luck of the UnderbatA Batty Coach can be used twice. 2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Grand EntranceSlows down nearby enemies when appearing after a teleport.3500 Gold

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