"The Master of Mystery!"


For centuries, Mysticat and the great Sphynxes guarded the entrance to the Enchanted Desert with their famous riddles, which few could solve. Mysticat was a curious creature, and had his own question that even he could not answer. He was puzzled as to why others wanted to enter the Enchanted Desert so badly. So he decided to venture himself to find the answer. But instead of finding answers, he was attacked by wandering gypsies and evil sand raiders that scoured the desert for lost treasure. After fighting them off with his impressive sorcery skills, he returned to the elders and explained what happened. It was then that they revealed the true nature of the desert to him. They told him that what he saw was a vision of his own destiny - and that he was meant to protect all of Skylands, not just the Enchanted Desert. Master Eon was then invited to enter the desert to meet Mysticat to see if their two destinies were intertwined. When Eon emerged the next day, it was clear to him that Mysticat was meant to be one of his best Senseis... and that he would one day shave his beard. But he kept that part to himself.

Mysticat is a new six legged Magic element Sensei Skylander in Skylanders Imaginators that teaches the Sorcerer class.

    Card StatsMax of 350
In Game Starting Stats
Attack:200  Attack:6
Defense: 140  Defense:2
Speed:300  Speed:15
Luck:160  Luck:14

All Attacks
Laser PainterPress Attack 1 to channel a beam in front of you. Press Attack 1 three times to push back enemies with a laser wave.Free
Paw PrintPress Attack 2 to throw a magical staff that creates a Copy Cat that attacks with its own Laser Painter.Free
Help MeowYou can now have up to two Copy Cats active at a time. 500 Gold
Disappurring ActPress Attack 3 to leave a decoy. You become invisible and run really fast. Reappear with an explosion at your location and your decoy's location.700 Gold
Cat's FamiliarPress Attack 1 to create magical yarnballs that circle around you.900 Gold
Pawsome PainterYour lasers hit an additional time. Attack 1 x3 shoots a wider laser spread.1200 Gold
Paw-erful Painter Path
Cat-astrophic ChasersConjure 4 Cat's Familiars when you press Attack 1. They will do increased damage each time they hit an enemy.1700 Gold
Patience is a Fur-tueLasers are larger and increase in damage over time. Attack 1 x3 casts a much wider laser spread.2200 Gold
Fur-st Degree Purr-nsCopy Cats create an explosion of magical energy when hit with a laser or a Cat's Familiar. Copy Cats also create this explosion when they time out.3000 Gold
Meow You See Me... Path
The Feline's MutualDisapurring Act's explosion hits harder and wider. Press Attack 3 to now cause an explosion when entering stealth.1700 Gold
Keep Your Fur-ends CloseHold Attack 3 when you are invisible to cause your Copy Cats to charge at nearby target for area damage. Your decoy explodes shortly afterwards too.2200 Gold
Not Kitten AroundYou can now have three Copy Cats active at a time. Their charging explosion is stronger, as well as the decoy's explosion.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Konnichi-paw!Hold Attack 1 to conjure a rift that shoots homing projectiles and creates a Copy Cat.4000 Gold
Sky-Chi Ability
Domo Arigato Hisster Rift-botoHold Special Attack to create a Sensei-tional yarnball rift that shoots out Cat's Familiars. Move around with Left Stick.N/A




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