Mystical Bad Juju (Sensei)

Mystical Bad Juju
"The Spirit is Willing!"


Just like her name suggests, Bad Juju had always been bad. From her humble beginnings as a witch doctor, where she put curses on her patients instead of curing them, to being the Golden Queen's right-hand sorcerer, she had spent her entire life as a villain. Being captured by the Skylanders didn't do much to change her attitude either. At least, that was the case until the day she conjured up more then she bargained for - a son named Juju Junior. That was when she finally decided it was time to come to change her lifestyle. She didn't want to raise Juju Junior inside a prison thinking that his magical mother was a criminal. So she asked Master Eon to give her a chance to be a hero instead. As luck would have it, Eon was a looking for a Swashbuckler Sensei who could help train Imaginatorsthe value of being good. Not bad for Bad Juju.

Mystical Bad Juju is a special variant of Bad Juju in Skylanders Imaginators. She will train others who wish to learn the Swashbuckler class.

    Card StatsMax of 350
In Game Starting Stats
Attack:260  Attack:8
Defense: 350  Defense:12
Speed:300  Speed:12
Luck:90  Luck:4

All Attacks
Whirling BladesPress Attack 1 to slash your enemies down.Free
Juju JuniorPress Attack 2 to send Juju Junior out to make trouble. Press Attack 2 to call him back. Bad Juju has better defense with Junior but better attack power when Junior is out playing.Free
Windy WailJuju Junior does more damage and also has an area of effect attack when sent out.500 Gold
Snack AttackPress Attack 3 to feed Juju Junior a snack of lightning.700 Gold
Airspeed VelocityWhen Bad Juju isn't attacking, as she moves she will gradually become faster and faster.900 Gold
Tornado SlashKeep pressing Attack 1 to continually slash your enemies down.1200 Gold
Mother Nature Path
Static ShockWhen Whirling Blades hits, another nearby enemy will get shocked with static electricity1700 Gold
A Storm of BladesWhirling Blades and Tornado Slash attacks do more damage.2200 Gold
A Cut-ter Cut-tastropheAfter a Storm of Blades, send out flying blades in all directions.3000 Gold
The Voodoo That You Do Path
Child ProtectionWhen Juju Junior is called back, Bad Juju becomes temporarily invulnerable.1700 Gold
Voodoo CurseEnemies hit by Juju Junior become cursed. If Bad Juju damages one cursed enemy, they all take damage.2200 Gold
The Main AttractionWhen sent out, Juju Junior pulls enemies towards him before doing more damage.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
OvereatingHold Attack 3 to have Juju Junior explode with lightning.4000 Gold
Sky-Chi Ability
Harnessing HavocThe ultimate Sensei attack! Hold Special Attack to perform your Sky-Chi power! Use Left Stick to steer Junior into enemies!N/A


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