Kaos (Sensei)

Kaos (Sensei)
"Behold, My Catchphrase of DOOM!"


With Kaos having discovered the power of Mind Magic to create Doomlanders, one of his first creations was none other than a clone of himself! Figuring that no one in universe, including the Skylanders, could ever stand up to more than one Kaos, he unleashed his clone in his quest to take over Skylands. But to Kaos’ surprise, the clone –also being Kaos – wanted victory for himself! As a result, he decided to fight against his creator, in turn helping the Skylanders in their endeavor to defeat the real Kaos!

Kaos is the Master of all battle classes and as such will summon weapons from all classes to attack his enemies.

Kaos will be given away free with pre-orders of Imaginators.


    Card StatsMax of 350
In Game Starting Stats
Attack:350  Attack:12
Defense: 300  Defense:8
Speed:300  Speed:8
Luck:50  Luck:12

All Attacks
Brain BashPress Attack 1 three times to attack with a series of close-range mind weapons.Free
Psychic ShotPress Attack 2 three times to attack with a series of long-range mind weapons.Free
Portal PractitionerPress Attack 3 to call forth a Doomlander to fight for you.500 Gold
Doom SharksHold Attack 2 to summon a wave of heat-seeking Doom Sharks.700 Gold
Portal PartyYou can now summon up to 2 Doomlanders.900 Gold
Doom HandsHold Attack 1 to summon giant hands of doom to smash your enemies.1200 Gold
Spell Slinger Path
Boom HandsYour Doom Hands stun enemies and deal more damage.1700 Gold
Mega Doom SharksYour Doom Sharks are bigger and deal more damage.2200 Gold
Split ThinkingYour Psychic Shot attacks deal more damage and can hit more enemies.3000 Gold
Up Close and Personal Path
I Think
Therefore You Are
Your Doomlanders disappear with an explosion.1700 Gold
Brain DrainYour Brain Bash attacks deal more damage and have a chance to slow.2200 Gold
Think BigYour Doomlanders are larger and deal more damage.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Doom PortalHold Attack 3 to open a Doom Portal and rain down the ultimate Portal Master weapons.4000 Gold
Sky-Chi Ability
Fear My Giant Floating HeadHold Special Attack to perform your Doom-Chi Power! Use Left Stick to aim your eye lasers!N/A



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