Hoot Loop

Hoot Loop
"Let's Ruffle Some Feathers!"

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Hoot Loop was raised by a guild of magicians in Skylands’ most famous traveling circus. At a young age, he perfected illusions and spells that only the very best of their guild could perform, and even mastered the art of teleportation! Soon enough, he became the star of the show, known far and wide as the Amazing Hoot Loop. However, one day an army of Greebles disguised as clowns invaded, determined to destroy the popular circus. It was then that Hoot Loop gave a performance that few would ever forget. Using his incredible powers, he fought off the invaders and saved the circus - to the raucous applause of the many spectators – including Master Eon, who presented Hoot Loop with an opportunity to learn some real magic as a member of the Skylanders.

Hoot Loop is a new Magic swappable Skylander in Swap Force with the Teleport movement ability. He has one other variant: Enchanted Hoot Loop.

Hoot Loop is a Swap Force Wave 1 release Skylander.


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack: 100  Max Health250
Defense:100  Speed43
Speed: 60  Armor12
Luck:200  Critical Hit6
  Elemental Power25


Body Attacks
DejaBOOM!Press Attack 1 to shoot a magic projectile that hits enemies three ties before it disappears.Free
HypnotismHold Attack 3 to hypnotize enemies, slowing their movement and attacks.300 Gold
Tricked Ya!Armor increased. Shiny new armor reduces damage.800 Gold
FlashbackPress Attack 1 to shoot a DejaBOOM projectile. DejaBOOM bounces three times and on a third bounce it explodes.1000 Gold
Dream-Weaver Path
Dream BeamHold Attack 1 to channel a magical beam of dreams that damages enemies.1500 Gold
Bad Dreams BeamDream Beam does increased damage. Prerequisite: Dream Beam2000 Gold
Hypno-Owl Path
Mass HypnosisHypnotism becomes more effective, slowing enemies in a larger area.1500 Gold
Deep AsleepHold Attack 3 to use a more powerful Mass Hypnosis, dealing increased damage.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Wand of DreamsPress Attack 1 to shoot a DejaBOOM and two smaller DejaBOOM projectiles at once.3500 Gold
Leg Attacks
Loop the LoopPress Attack 2 to teleport forward a short distance and damage nearby enemies.Free
Portable HoleHold Attack 2 to aim the portal loop. Release to teleport to that area and damage all nearby enemies.300 Gold
Temporal WhackTeleport does increased damage.800 Gold
Time SinkEnemies and objects are pulled towards the area where Portable Hold is aimed.1000 Gold
Telekinesis Path
Now You See MeHold Attack 2 to charge Portable Hole, release to do increased damage. Damage is increased the longer it is charged.1500 Gold
Complete ConcentrationNow you See Me does increased damage. Prerequisite: Now You See Me2000 Gold
Escape Artist Path
Now You Don'tPress Jump after teleporting to appear back at the previous position.1500 Gold
Teleport TurbulenceAll teleport attacks do increased damage.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Infinite LoopHold Attack 2 to aim the portal loop, release it under Loop's body to cause a massive attack that damages enemies in a large area.3500 Gold

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