Heavy Duty Sprocket – Silver

Heavy Duty Sprocket - Silver
"The Fix Is In!"

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Heavy Duty Sprocket was raised with all the privileges of a rich, proper Golding. But she cared little for fancy things. Instead, she spent most of her time growing up in her uncle's workshop, learning how to build and fix his many mechanical inventions. But everything changed on the day her uncle mysteriously vanished. When she eventually discovered that Kaos had been behind his disappearance, she constructed a battle suit and went after him, leaving the luxury and comfort of her family's wealth behind. From that moment on, Sprocket was dedicated to fighting the forces of evil, whilst never losing hope that she would reunite with her beloved uncle.

Heavy Duty Sprocket - Silver is a special painted variant of Heavy Duty Sprocket for Swap Force. She is exclusive to Best Buy and was released on 1/10/14. She does not seem to be as rare as other randomly found colored variants as most store exclusive characters tend to hang around for at least a couple weeks. If you have interest, you should get one while you can.

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