Free Ranger

Free Ranger
"Whip up a Storm!"

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Free Ranger was hatched during a storm when a thunderous bolt of lightning struck his egg. From that very moment, his destiny was clear – he would become the greatest storm chaser ever known! He spent his entire life pursuing hurricanes, spinning inside tornados, and riding lightning. But a day came when he encountered a storm unlike any other. It was unnatural and ominous, billowing with evil, and leaving only desolation in its wake. Free Ranger was standing at its edge, moments from boldly leaping into it, when he was stopped by none other than Master Eon. The wise Portal Master told him that it was The Darkness that raged before them, and if he were up to the challenge, he could join the Skylanders to help defend against it in the Cloudbreak Islands.

Free Ranger is a new Swap Force swappable Air Skylander with the Spin movement ability. He has one other variant: Legendary Free Ranger, which is exclusive to Toys R Us.

Free Ranger can be purchased separately, or he comes with the Nintendo 3DS starter pack for Swap Force. He can also be bought in a two pack with Nitro Magna Charge which is sold exclusively by Target.

Free Ranger is a Swap Force Wave 1 release Skylander.

3DS Swap Force Unboxing

(Featuring Free Ranger):


Nitro Magna Charge (W/Free Ranger) Unboxing:


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:115  Max Health280
Defense: 150  Speed43
Speed:110  Armor18
Luck:100  Critical Hit8
  Elemental Power25


Body Attacks
Stormblade SlashPress Attack 1 to slash at enemies with powerful Stormblades.Free
Eyes of the StormPress Attack 3 to shoot a bolt of lightning from the eyes, stunning the first enemy and chaining to others.300 Gold
Charged BladesPress Attack 1 to slash with more powerful Stormblades that do increased damage.800 Gold
Gale SlashPress Attack 1 three times to send a wave of powerful air at enemies.1000 Gold
Wind Slasher Path
Slicing StormHold Attack 1 to charge Stormblades, release for a devastating combo attack.1500 Gold
Feathered FurySlicing Storm does increased damage. 2000 Gold
Storm Focus Path
Lightning Strikes ThriceHold Attack 3 to charge Eye of the Storm, release to shoot a larger bolt of lightning.1500 Gold
Charged Gigawatt BoltLightning Strikes Thrice does increased damage. More powerful than lightning.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Storming StormbladesPress Attack 1 to attack with more powerful Stormblades that deal extra lightning damage.3500 Gold
Leg Attacks
Ride the WindPress Attack 2 to become a tornado and damage nearby enemies.Free
Approaching StormHold Attack 2 to become a tornado, speed is increased while the tornado is active300 Gold
Wind PoweredBecoming a tornado will last longer800 Gold
Tornado Vacuum BoostTornadoes now pull in enemies from further away.1000 Gold
Lightning Linquist Path
Lightning NovaBlast all nearby enemies with a powerful lightning bolt when becoming a tornado.1500 Gold
Nova FlashLightning Nova does increased damage.2000 Gold
Tornado Thrower Path
Wild TornadoWhen becoming a tornado ends, a powerful tornado is shot out, damaging all enemies in the way.1500 Gold
Twisted TwisterMore powerful tornadoes are shot forward that do increased damage to enemies.2000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Charged WindsHold Attack 2 to become a tornado filled with lightning, dealing damage to all enemies in the way.3500 Gold

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