Fling Kong

Fling Kong
"Monkey See, Monkey Doom!"

As a royal protector of the legendary monkey idol Kubla-Wa, Fling Kong trained seriously in the mysterious art of Monk-Ru, a form of fighting using the power of air. He was a devoted student, always the first to arrive to training and the last to leave. One day, a troop of foul-smelling, well-armed Gorilla-Goos appeared, led by the infamous General Snot. Snot had heard stories about the idol, particularly that it was made of solid gold. The villains quickly seized control of the temple that housed the idol and were on the verge of taking it. But suddenly the smelly gorillas found themselves face to face with Fling Kong – who attacked with the power of a true Monk-Ru master! Using his flying rug and powerful vortex discs, he expertly defeated the Gorilla-Goos and saved the idol. Soon after, word of his actions spread to Master Eon. Now a Skylander, Fling Kong knocks the wind out of evil throughout all of the Skylands!

Fling Kong is a new Core Air Skylander for Trap Team.

Meet Fling Kong w/Brawl and Chain


    Card Stats
In Game Stats
Attack:60  Max Health240
Defense: 30  Speed70
Speed:200  Armor12
Luck:110  Critical Hit70
  Elemental Power25


All Attacks
Power DiscsPress Attack 1 to fling Power Discs.Free
Magic Carpet DashPress Attack 2 to dash forward and smash into enemies.Free
Spiked!Fact: Power Discs with spikes do more damage.500 Gold
Cymbal CrashPress Attack 3 to smash Power Discs together and create sound waves to damage nearby enemies.700 Gold
Mad DashPress Attack 2 to charge up the Magic Carpet Dash to do more damage and last longer.900 Gold
The Kong KlangHold Attack 3 for a more powerful Cymbal Crash that also stuns enemies. Prerequisite: Cymbal Crash1200 Gold
Disc Jockey Path
Trick ShotPower Discs can go through enemies and bounce off walls.1700 Gold
Smash HitDo a Cymbal Crash towards the end of a Magic Carpet Dash for a super smash combo.2200 Gold
A Toss-UpHold Attack 2 to charge up Power Discs for a massive overhead throw.3000 Gold
Carpet Captain Path
Smash 'n' DashHitting an enemy with a Magic Carpet Dash makes the dash last longer.1700 Gold
Double WhammyThrow a Power Disc towards the end of a Magic Carpet Dash for a double-disc combo.2200 Gold
Shock TreatmentLeave a trail of electricity after a Magic Carpet Dash that damages enemies.3000 Gold
Soul Gem Ability
Make it Rain!Hold Attack 2 even longer and then release to fly up into the air, unleashing a rain of Power Discs from above.4000 Gold

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