Elite Slam Bam

Elite Slam Bam
"Armed and Dangerous!"

Slam Bam lived alone on a floating glacier in a remote region of Skylands, where he spent his time ice surfing, eating snow cones, and sculpting amazing ice statues. It was a peaceful life, until Kaos destroyed the glacier, stranding Slam Bam on an iceberg that drifted through the skies for days. He awoke on Eon’s Island, where he was taken in and trained to become a Skylander. Now his ice sculptures serve as a frosty prison for any evil-doer that gets in his way.

Elite Slam Bam will be released with the second year of Eon's Elite characters during the SuperChargers game.  He will be exclusive to Toys R Us, and be released in the first wave of Eon's Elite figures. He will be released on 11/15/2015.

The second year of Eon's Elite characters have new unique poses but still sit on a gold base with a clear uncolored bottom as they do not belong to any one game. Eon's Elite characters are three times stronger than the original character.

Elite Slam Bam has three other variants: Slam Bam (Spyro's Adventure), Slam Bam Series 2 (Giants) and Legendary Slam Bam (Giants).

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