Elite Gill Grunt

Elite Gill Grunt
"Fear the Fish!"

Gill Grunt was a brave soul who joined the Gillmen military in search of adventure. While journeying through a misty lagoon in the clouds, he met an enchanting mermaid. He vowed to return to her after his tour. Keeping his promise, he came back to the lagoon years later, only to learn a nasty band of pirates had kidnapped the mermaid. Heartbroken, Gill Grunt began searching all over Skylands. Though he had yet to find her, he joined the Skylanders to help protect others from such evil, while still keeping an ever-watchful eye for the beautiful mermaid and the pirates who took her.

Elite Gill Grunt was released with the first year of Eon's Elite characters which came out with the Trap Team game.  He is exclusive to GameStop.

Eon's Elite characters sit on a gold base with a clear uncolored bottom as they do not belong to any one game. In the Trap Team game and each game after Trap Team, the Eon's Elite characters will be three times stronger than the original character. In older games they will still work but they will act just like the original character did.

Elite Gill Grunt has has five other variants: Gill Grunt (Spyro's Adventure), Gill Grunt Series 2 (Giants), Anchor's Away Gill Grunt (Swap Force), Tidal Wave Gill Grunt (Trap Team), and Deep Dive Gill Grunt (SuperChargers). As of the SuperChargers game, he has appeared in all five of the Skylander games and is the only character to have a full figure released for each game. He also had a sidekick made as part of a promotion with Frito-Lay: Gill Runt which got a full retail release as a mini as part of the Trap Team game.

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