Elite Dino-Rang

Elite Dino-Rang
"Come Rang or Shine!"

Dino-Rang came from a tribe of skilled hunting dinosaurs from a faraway world. There, he had been the first to twirl the legendary twin boomerangs and was top of his tribe. But his fortunes changed one night when a portal popped open beneath his bed and sucked him into a strange Skylands temple. He was surrounded by sinister wizards, whose spell had gone askew. Dino-Rang broke out his boomerangs and, before the wizards could say 'boo' (or even 'bo'), they were blasted to the remote Outlands. Threat averted, he began searching for the fabled Twin Diamond Boomerangs which he hoped could take him home. He is yet to find them, but he did find Master Eon - who promptly made him a Skylander.

Elite Dino-Rang will be released with the second year of Eon's Elite characters which will come out during the SuperChargers game.  He will be released in the second wave of Eon's Elite figures estimated to be available in December 2015.

The second year of Eon's Elite characters have new unique poses but still sit on a gold base with a clear uncolored bottom as they do not belong to any one game. Eon's Elite characters are three times stronger than the original character.

Elite Dino-Rang has only one other variant, the original Dino-Rang from Spyro's Adventure.

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